Evaluate your Neobux account

evaluate your Neobux account - Neobux strategy

Your BEP (Break Even Point)

To get your profit, your average click needs to be higher than your BEP (break even point). The BEP value is depending on your account performance, include: number of referrals, type of member (standard / golden), your rent referrals extend term (15 days, 30 days, 90 days,…).

Then, to calculate your BEP, download this excel file for your referrals. Link download here

For example, an account which has: 300 referrals (100 rented for 30 days, 200 for 90 days), golden member, then the BEP will be 0.69. And, if my current Aver. click is 1.67, I will make a profit about 88.41 USD/ month:

BEP Neobux

Use this Script – NeoBuxOx:

This Scripts will help you to:

  • Obtain the individual profit of your referrals instantly.
  • Real profit calculated on fly, taking into consideration membership and referrals costs.
  • Add accurate and useful information to Neobux.
  • Multiple languages: English, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese.

Get the suitable source for your browser: