Neobux Honest Review | Scam or not?

Neobux Review | Could you Really make extra money from Neobux sites?

Neobux review 2017 - could i make money with rent referrals and direct referrals?

Like you, I want to earn some extra money from paid to click sites because clicking ads is easy way to make money from the internet. At the beginning, many bloggers tell me that Neobux is the King of paid to click websites, with thousands of members, good commission, get paid instantly without any issues. Moreover, I also read tons of article says that they can earn $50, $100, $200, $500+ / month via Neobux sites, for me, I am not in the USA so this profit is really awesome, so I decide to make a shot with this site.

In this Neobux review post, I want to brief a unique content about Neobux site and clarify if you can make extra money from Neobux site or not. I don’t want to says that Neobux is scam but if you expect too much about Neobux site you may be upset, likes another PTC sites.

What I hear! What I recognize! Further Note
Neobux is the King of paid to click websites               Yes Get money from very easy just click ads.

I can click 20 to 30 ads after I upgrade to golden members.

Good commission Just moderate level
Get paid instantly Yes In this point, they do not lie you. I am paid immediately via Paypal account.

Neobux also offers more options like Payza (for all country, good news if you are in India).

Good communicate with members via their forum Not absolutely Although Neobux has their own forum for communicating between admin and members, but their admins are very strictly; they are ready to ban the members from the forum if their post is against to Neobux site.
You can make extra money from rent referrals Not absolutely In my opinion, I believe that Neobux rent referrals are bots, not the real person. So they can control the average click.

In the early day I join Neobux site, my rent referrals Average click is about 1.60 – 2, therefore I think that I can make profit easily whenever I upgrade the golden member.  (this is reason while I write the post to ask you upgrade to golden after 15 days here)

But, after I upgrade to the golden member after 1 month joins Neobux site, the rent referrals average is about 0.7 -1 even though I always recycle rent referrals whose click below 0.7.

You can make $500 USD/ month or more as profit from Neobux site. Yes, you can. But, as I mention above, the profit you get is from direct referrals not rent referrals. So, you need to learn more, do more to get direct referrals for your account.

If you do not want to build up a website or advertise to your Neobux account to find direct referrals, you better join another platform like In, you can buy referrals forever and these referrals are the real person not bots like Neobux sites (this mean they do not control your referral average click).

Neobux Q&A:

There are many posts online say that Neobux is the best PTC websites. Is that true?

Yes, Neobux is one of the best PTC sites since 2008. But, you should know that these posts want you to register to Neobux via their link (like my site, honestly) so that they can get you as their direct referrals (mean whenever you click 4 “organic ads”, they will receive a penny money). So, sometimes not all of what they said is true. Remember about that!


Should I upgrade to the golden member on Neobux sites?

Okie, honestly you should just upgrade to the golden member for double profit from your direct referrals, not from rent referrals. With my own experience, when I upgrade to the golden member my rent referrals average click goes down crazy.


Can I make extra money from Neobux site from home?

Yes, but please forget that Neobux sites or other PTC sites are a “magic make money button” which help you to earn money fast (like 100 USD/ month just after 1 month). If you want to make money with these PTC sites, the point is to get direct referrals instead of rent referrals. And this makes you put times and also some money for this investment.


Are there any PTC sites I can trust in?

If you are in the US, the best one is ClixSense, if not I recommend you to About, I really like them, I can buy referrals forever from their sites (these referrals are the real person, not bots like Neobux site, you can see their real name instead of Codename, and you can even though chat with them when you upgrade to Premium member).

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